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Nursing Newborn

Breastfeeding Support

Families may feel that the service provided by the NHS doesn’t meet the family’s needs.

Breastfeeding is a natural way for babies to receive nutrition throughout their first year and continues to provide health benefits past the first year. But learning the process may not always feel natural for a new mother, especially in the early days of her breastfeeding journey.


With my expertise and experience of breastfeeding when working for 23 years in the Children And Families Healthcare Sector, I offer private 1:1 sessions in order to provide support with a range of issues including:


latching difficulties; sore nipples; weaning off shields; blocked ducts and mastitis; thrush and other nipple/breast infections; concerns about milk supply; expressing and increasing supply; weight loss and slow weight gain; supplementing and weaning off top ups; re-lactation and induced lactation; wind/colic, reflux and allergies; premature babies; babies with special needs, twins and other multiples; tongue-tie.

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